About Us

Healers Nutraceuticals is the brainchild of Mr. SM Sathe who had several decades of pharma experience before deciding to venture out on his own to develop newer and versatile molecules from natural sources that have preventive and curative roles. His passion translated into Healers Nutraceuticals having several firsts to its credit including, being the first company to introduce magnesium in the Indian markets.

Other firsts being bringing N-Acetylcysteine and Glucosamine Sulfate to Indian Markets two decades ago

He saw tremendous potential for magnesium in different fields including gynaecology, cardiology and even in special needs. He advocated magnesium with vitamin B6 for autism and ADHD which is now supported by the extensive research happening in this field worldwide, to this day. Healers was started to bring effective and simple formulations that improve the quality of life of people across ages, genders and classes.

He was supported in his quest by an able team of senior pharma professionals who helped him achieve his goals.

Deepa Sathe imbibed the passion her father carried for new molecules, new lines of therapy and lesser known treatment options as she grew up hearing her father discussing and exploring these avenues. A Chartered Account profession, Deepa’s passion lies in making a difference in the lives of people through quality medication. Today, Healers is foraying into new segments in the health and wellness sector to bring innovative products to the Indian market.

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